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A&M SA develops its projects in a variety of civil engineering sectors and facilities in general. Based on customers’ requirements, a team of specialized technicians designs, plans and develops highly qualified engineering works.

Our company acts as  a general contractor by managing projects ranging from real estate to the service and industrial sectors. Apart from the experience acquired in Italy, A&M SA is now able to meet the requirements of the leading international markets with its top level professional approach.
Working seriously in compliance with the strictest standards, respecting environmental regulations, sharing its tech-nological know-how: this is A&M’s mission, these are the guidelines
by enhancing their ideas. Being constructors able to produce progress and wealth working for mutual interest.
of a company that intends to stand out for its skills, rectitude and professionalism. Being a dependable partner, able to listen to and understand its customers’ needs,
“Building means looking at the future. We all cannot but do it well, in order to offer tools,
well-being and prospects to our future generations”.